Learning Goals: Level 3


You have completed Level 2, which was a lot of big ideas. That was definitely a jump forward in terms of your thinking. Congratulations. I hope you feel good about that.

For Level 3, there are 5 learning goals.


We are going into other industries in this level. So shifting out of the ecommerce discussions of Level 2.

All concepts are in the Content Library, where you can see my overall digital strategy framework. There is also a Company Library, where you can search by company for articles and podcasts.

Learning Goal 6: The basics of Huawei and Economies of Scale


Learning Goal 7: The basics of Mobike / Ofo – and digital disruption in access vs. ownership businesses


Learning Goal 8: The basics of Luckin Coffee vs. Starbucks. And digital superpower #1: Dramatically improving the user experience.


Learning Goal 9: The basics of smartphones, ecosystems and endless bundling.


Learning Goal 10: More Huawei


You should try to complete these in about 2-3 months. And you probably want to do some of the Learning Goals twice. Speed is not important here. What is important is to build up your understanding. So repetition can be really helpful.

When you are ready, go on to level 4.


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