Learning Goals: Level 4

You have completed Level 3. I hope you feel good about that.

Welcome to Level 4. Very impressive.

For Level 4, there are again 5 learning goals.



We are going into other ideas in this level. And shifting out of business models and more into how to engage with increasingly connected customers.

All concepts are in the Content Library, where you can see my overall digital strategy framework. There is also a Company Library, where you can search by company for articles and podcasts.


Learning Goal 11: CDCN, Social Media and Influencers / KOLs



Learning Goal 12: Basics of Tiktok / Douyin and Audience-Builder Platforms


Learning Goal 13: Virality and Word of Mouth


Learning Goal 14: Collaboration, Coordination and Standardization Platforms


Learning Goal 15: The Basics of Didi and Switching Costs

  • This section was part of the first steps. But it’s worth looking at them again, now that you have built up more expertise.
  • Marketplace platforms for services are different from those for products. And they can vary between differentiated services like hotels and restaurants (Ctrip and UberEats) and standardized services like transportation. Didi is a good example of the latter. They can also go from simple services (this learning goal) and more complicated ones (e.g., medical care).
  • The key learning goals for you in this section are:
    • Basics of Didi
    • Switching Costs


You should try to complete these in about 2-3 months. And you probably want to do some of the Learning Goals twice. Speed is not important here. What is important is to build up your understanding. So repetition can be really helpful.

When you are ready, go on to Level 5.


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