Why I Really Like Amazon’s Strategy, Despite the Crap Consumer Experience (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

For the past five years, I’ve been watching Alibaba pull farther and farther ahead of Amazon in its consumer offerings. Alibaba’s ecommerce products have integrated with entertainment, especially live-streaming (which is fantastic). Payment, credit and wealth management products were built upon Alipay. Ecommerce services, like food delivery and hotels, have been added with ele.me Social […]

How Should Education Companies Like New Oriental Respond to AI Digital Natives Like LAIX? (Tech Strategy – Podcast 35)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses how digital native education companies like LAIX are challenging traditional companies like New Oriental. He argues that education companies need to embrace digital technology and create a more personalized learning experience in order to compete. Towson provides examples of how LAIX is using digital technology to improve the learning experience, and he discusses the implications for education companies of all sizes.

What Should Starbucks China Have Done About Luckin Coffee? (Tech Strategy – Podcast 3)

Jeffrey Towson discusses what Starbucks China could have done to respond to the rise of Luckin Coffee. He argues that Starbucks should have focused on its strengths, such as its brand and its loyalty program, and that it should have been more aggressive in expanding its store network. He also notes that Starbucks could have learned from Luckin’s innovative marketing and pricing strategies.