Video: Digital Moats Series 3 – You Want Warren Buffett Moats and Elon Musk Operating Performance

This is part 3 on building digital moats. You need to build at two levels: Moats and structural advantages. That’s Warren Buffett land Operating performance. Elon Musk’s crazy pace is a good symbol for this. —–Transcript Below

What Xiaomi Can Learn About Strategy from Apple and Amazon (Tech Strategy – Podcast 130)

In this insightful piece, Jeff Towson explores what Xiaomi, despite its strong management team and innovative approach, can learn from the strategies employed by Apple and Amazon. He underscores the importance of a clear, effective strategy, something he believes these two tech giants excel at. Furthermore, he brings attention to the vital role that artificial intelligence (AI) plays as a strategic tool in today’s digital business landscape.

How Digital Is Wrecking Havoc on Barriers to Entry (Tech Strategy – Podcast 115)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy Podcast, Jeff Towson discusses how digital technology is wrecking havoc on traditional barriers to entry in the business world. He talks about how new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are making it easier for startups to compete with established incumbents. He also discusses how the rise of digital platforms is changing the way businesses compete and interact with customers.