Jeff’s Asia Tech Class: Daily Update 10.30.19

This is one of the daily updates for my Asia Tech class. It builds off podcast / lecture 2 about what Starbucks China should have done about Luckin Coffee (located here). Two main points for today: Luckin Coffee traded defensibility for scalability Are WeWork and Luckin blitzscaling? Or are they just in money wars? 1. […]

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While Luckin Fights Starbucks, HeyTea Has Lines Out the Door in China (pt 2 of 2)

In Part 1, I argued that Starbucks China most interesting competitor is not Luckin Coffee. It is HeyTea, an upscale Starbucks-type business focused on tea (something Chinese consumers really, really like). And to their credit, HeyTea appears to be mostly focusing not on digital (or financial engineering) but on product development and continually thrilling their […]