3 Take-Aways from My Interview with Lazada CEO James Dong. And CTO Howard Wang. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 179)

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lazada CEO James Dong and CTO Howard Wang. We discussed their tech strategy and how they plan to stay ahead of the competition. Here are my three key takeaways from the conversation. First, Lazada is focused on building a strong ecosystem of services around its core e-commerce platform. Second, the company is investing heavily in logistics and fulfillment to improve delivery times and customer satisfaction. Finally, Lazada is exploring new technologies like AI and machine learning to enhance the customer experience and drive growth.

Lessons from My Interview with Lazada CTO Howard Wang (2 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Lazada is one of the most successful e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, serving millions of customers and sellers across six countries. In this article, you will learn from the interview with Lazada CTO Howard Wang, who shares his insights on the technical challenges and solutions of e-commerce in the region. You will also find out how he implements his tech strategy and best practices to ensure scalability, reliability, and security of the platform.

Lessons from my Interview with Lazada CEO James Dong (1 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Lazada is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, with operations in six countries and over 80 million active customers. In this article, you will learn from the interview with Lazada CEO James Dong, who shares his views on the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in the region. You will also discover how he applies his tech strategy and business model to create value for customers, sellers, and partners.

What Grab Can Learn from Amazon About Growth – and Not From Meta (Tech Strategy – Podcast 143)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy podcast, Jeff Towson discusses what Grab can learn from Amazon about growth and not from Meta. He explains how Amazon’s focus on customer experience and innovation has helped it grow into one of the world’s largest companies and how Grab can apply these lessons to its own business. Towson also talks about the potential benefits and risks of Grab’s growth strategy and how it could impact the future of ride-hailing and delivery services.

How Grab Uses Geographic Density Technology to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency (3 of 4) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In this captivating article by Jeff Towson, discover the remarkable insights derived from Grab’s mastery of geographic density and other cost efficiencies through technology. Gain valuable knowledge about the strategies employed by Grab to optimize operations and achieve scalability in the highly competitive tech industry. Don’t miss out on this exclusive membership content that offers a comprehensive analysis of Grab’s tech strategy and its implications for businesses across various sectors.

What’s Next for Digital Infrastructure in Asia? My Interview with Huawei APAC President Simon Baifeng.

I recently sat down with Simon Lin Baifeng, President of Huawei Asia Pacific and had a fascinating discussion about the future of digital infrastructure in Asia. Now I admit I’m a bit jealous of Simon. If there is one place to be building digital infrastructure, it’s Asia. Things are moving fast in infrastructure (5G, data […]

Get Ready for Alipay+ and Ant Group 2.0 (Tech Strategy – Podcast 129)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the return of Ant Group after 2 years in restructuring. He talks about Ant’s new international payment initiative, Alipay+, and how it could disrupt the global payments market. He also discusses the challenges that Ant faces in its new incarnation, such as regulatory scrutiny and competition from other tech giants.