Taco Bell China Is Great – Better Than In The West. But That May Not Be Enough.

So Taco Bell has officially returned in China, re-opening in Shanghai approximately nine years after they closed their last China branch in 2008. Their outlet in Liujiazui is humming along. And as a long time Taco Bell fanboy, I went for a visit. My assessment is the following. Point 1: It’s really great – better […]


2008年,塔可贝尔(Taco Bell)关闭了中国最后一家分店,自此退出中国市场。时隔九年,塔可贝尔重新进驻上海,宣告正式回归中国市场也已有半年了。如今在陆家嘴的店面生意火爆。我一直钟爱这家餐厅,现在我觉得是时候去店里看看了。我的点评如下。