Tuya and How to Predict the Winners in Specialty Enterprise (Tech Strategy – Podcast 108)

Jeffrey Towson discusses the Chinese smart home company Tuya in this podcast. He shares his five questions for assessing the viability of a specialty ecommerce company and discusses Tuya’s strengths and weaknesses. Tuya is a leading provider of smart home solutions, with over 200,000 customers in over 200 countries. The company has been growing rapidly, but it faces competition from other Chinese companies, as well as from global players like Amazon and Google.

Tuya and Why Hierarchies of Control Matter in Enterprise (Pt 2 of 2)(Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Lesson / Update)

In Part 1, I made a distinction between the development of cloud and enterprise software. There is a sweeping new cloud architecture emerging at the same time almost every B2B enterprise software and service company is trying to become a platform or ecosystem. It’s pretty crazy. For enterprise software and services companies, the price of entry […]

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Snowflake, Tuya and the Fight for Dominant Design in Cloud (Tech Strategy – Podcast 106)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the fight for dominant design in cloud computing with Snowflake and Tuya. Towson argues that Snowflake is building three complementary platforms with four network effects, while Tuya is building a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). Towson believes that the winner of the cloud computing wars will be the company that can build the most comprehensive and integrated platform.