Alibaba, WeChat and How Nike Won as a “Platform Participant” in China (Tech Strategy – Podcast 118)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses how Nike has successfully built a competitive advantage in China by participating in the large platform businesses of Alibaba and WeChat. He shares insights on how other businesses can do the same. Towson argues that businesses need to focus on providing a great customer experience and building strong relationships with platform partners. He also emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision-making.

The Secret Engine of Alibaba’s New Retail Is “Uni-Marketing” (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

“New retail”, coined by Alibaba, was probably the least creative business term ever. But it was a big idea. You combine online and physical retail into a seamless, data-driven consumer experience. It is giving rise to new business models, from transformed supermarkets and cashier-less convenience stores to automated package pickup centers and re-imaged department stores. […]

Google, the NBA and Competitive Fortresses at the Top of the Pyramid (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Lesson / Update)

In the past weeks, I have sent you multiple emails with various types of competitive advantages. Such as switching costs, network effects, purchasing economies and location and transportation cost advantages. The links are below: Walmart, JD and Purchasing Economies at Traditional and Online Retailers (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Lesson / Update) Beer, Southwest and […]

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China’s New OMO Platforms: Alibaba, Sun Art and Beike (Tech Strategy – Podcast 79)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the rise of OMO (online-merge-offline) platforms in China, such as Alibaba’s Sun Art and Beike / Lianjia. He argues that these platforms are disrupting the traditional retail and real estate industries. He explains that OMO platforms offer a number of advantages over traditional businesses, such as convenience, personalization, and data-driven insights.

5 Things I Learned from Alibaba Vice-Chairman Joseph Tsai on Singles’ Day (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I spent Singles’ Day 2017 visiting Alibaba and meeting with management (see Part 1 and Part 2 here). And one big highlight of the visit was a group influencer dinner with Alibaba Vice-Chairman and co-founder Joseph Tsai. He was always the guy I listened to about Alibaba. Jack Ma is famous but doesn’t really speak the language […]