Will JD Logistics Become a New Type of Ecosystem? (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 71)

This week’s podcast is about JD Logistics. It’s an interesting case of a capability becoming a service business. And maybe a new type of ecosystem. You can listen to this podcast here or at iTunes, Google Podcasts and Himalaya. The slides I mentioned for industry-specific solutions are: Related podcasts and articles are: Introduction to Innovation, Elon Musk and […]

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Forget the “Alibaba Ecosystem”. It’s About Collaboration-Based Industries and Business Models. (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Podcast 56)

  Correction: I had Michael Jacobides’ name incorrect throughout this episode. My apologies. Podcasting while sick may not have been my best idea.   This week’s podcast is about starting to take apart the fuzzy idea of ecosystems. We have clear frameworks for pipelines and platforms. And linkedin business models and complemntary platforms. But the […]

Services Marketplaces 3.0: A Platform for Therapists?

There is an interesting company in China called MyTherapist. It is a digital marketplace platform for services. But instead of connecting consumers with drivers and restaurants, it connects them with therapists and life coaches. That is a really interesting idea and highlights how marketplace platforms are really still in their infancy. Marketplace platforms began with […]

Cocos, Gaming and an Introduction to Ecosystem Competition (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Daily Lesson / Update)

Last week, I wrote about Epic Games and the potentially large disruption coming from gaming engines. That article is below. How Epic Games and Game Engines Are Disrupting Media / Entertainment. (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Daily Lesson / Update) And you have probably heard about the epic (pun intended) fight between Apple and Epic […]

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