Mercado Libre vs. Magazine Luiza / Magalu in Brazil is an Awesome Strategy Question (Tech Strategy – Podcast 147)

This week’s podcast is about two leading and well run ecommerce companies in Brazil: Magazine Luiza / Magalu and Mercado Libre. Both companies have compelling but different business models. You can listen to this podcast here, which has the slides and graphics mentioned. Also available at iTunes and Google Podcasts. Here is the link to the Asia Tech Tour. […]

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Grab Has 5 Compelling Growth Initiatives (4 of 4) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Grab recently held its 2002 Investor Day. They summarized their 1H results for 2022 and went through their current strategy, which is mostly about getting to operating profits. In my assessment, their push to operating profitability is mostly about 3 things: Growing revenue. Increasing efficiency (i.e., decreasing costs), especially in delivery. COO Alex Hungate’s presentation […]

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Alibaba’s 11 Growth Strategies (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I keep an eye on the larger moves by Alibaba. Not the constant stream of announcements and endless initiatives but the larger strategic moves that I think will change the trajectory of the company. This usually means talking with management when I can and following the investor days. A couple of years ago, Maggie Wu […]

Steam, Garena and Specialty Gaming Business Models (Tech Strategy – Podcast 137)

This week’s podcast is about Steam and Garena, which are good examples of successful specialty gaming business models. These are niche businesses that have thrived in the shadow of the giants. You can listen to this podcast here or at iTunes and Google Podcasts. Here are my criteria for specialty ecommerce businesses. Is the company sufficiently differentiated in […]

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Jack Ma (and Alibaba) Dreamed of Turning SMEs into Multinationals – Globally (2 of 2)

I’ve been sitting around this week (sick) and reading about what Jack Ma has been doing. He has been out of Alibaba for several years. Ant financial has been structured. The Chinese government issues have quieted down. And Jack appears to be mostly hanging out in Tokyo. Staying low key. I’m interested to see what […]