What’s Next for iQIYI and Video Entertainment in Digital and Generative AI? (2 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In this insightful article, Jeff Towson explores the future of iQiyi and the video entertainment industry in the context of digital and generative AI. He provides a detailed analysis of the strategies and trends that are set to influence this rapidly evolving sector. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of entertainment, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Lessons from Alibaba, Tencent and iQIYI in Entertainment Strategy (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I recently wrote about my visit to iQIYI, the TV and film streaming giant of of China. And I’ve been keeping an eye on Alibaba Pictures and Tencent Pictures for a long time. Chinese entertainment is a pretty interesting strategy topic. And these three companies are well positioned to win big as consumer spending continues […]

Baidu is Struggling in Content Creation, Push Feeds and the Attention Market (Pt 2 of 3) (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Update)

In Part 1, I laid out some basic theory for Baidu and search engines. I think it was a pretty solid picture for Baidu circa 2010. But strange things have been happening since then. Baidu has moved into entertainment, services (for a while), content creation and self-driving cars. I’m not sure if these were strategic […]

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Could iQiyi (IQ) Quickly Become a Great Business? (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Update)

Baidu-controlled iQiyi (IQ) is one of the big leaders in video in China. And video is the most popular online activity in China’s massive market. That’s good. iQiyi also has powerful competitive advantages, similar to YouTube and Netflix combined. Overall, there is a lot to like about this company strategically. Its primary competitors Tudou and […]

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