Speaking at Companies, Conferences and Board Meetings

I give keynote talks around the world on digital China and on Asia’s latest technology trends – at:

  • Company events – McKinsey & Co, UPS, Alibaba.
  • Conferences – Citic Securities, Financial Times, Capillary Tech, Clariant Cataysts.
  • Executive education seminars – ICBC, China Merchant Bank, Cambridge University.
  • Universities – CEIBS, Peking University, Tsinghua, NYU, Columbia Business School, University of Torino, University of Warsaw.

“Jeff is one of the few people who can claim to be a “bridge” between China and the West. He does an amazing job at connecting with his audience…I highly recommend him.” – David Clark, Vice President, Alibaba


“Jeff Towson lived up to the reputation of being the #1 followed Professor in China on LinkedIn exactly because he presented like no Professor could; Insightful yet practical, deep and yet engaging.  Thanks for enriching our discussion at the Future Re-Imagined conference.” – Shaun Hoon, Asian Forum


“Professor Towson was a highlight of our event, his insights, stature and engagement was second to none, he truly understands the most salient topics for both East and West audiences”- Les Baquiran, Founder of Alpine Capital Advisors and Pinebase China


Below is part of a talk I gave at a Singapore talk on digital strategy. The full talk is located at the bottom of this page.

My most popular talks are:

“The Most Important Technology Trends in Asia This Year”

  • China and Asia are no longer just fast followers in technology. In many areas, they are now the leaders. Asia’s tech trends have important lessons for the rest of the world, especially other developing economies like SE Asia, Eastern Europe and Latam.
  • This talk summarizes the latest and most important technology trends happening in Asia. And how they are changing business.

“Lessons and Updates From the Frontier of Chinese Digital Transformation”

  • While much of the attention is on the digital giants of China (Alibaba, Tencent, etc.), the largest phenomenon is actually the adoption of new data and digital tools in the more traditional sectors, such as banking, healthcare, retail, and transportation.
  • This talk looks at the diffusion of DT (data technology) into the various sectors of the Chinese economy.

“Best Practices of China’s Digital Champions: Understanding How Alibaba, JD, Tencent and Others Manage, Operate and Win.”

  • The digital giants of China are now in the top tier of digital companies globally. From Alibaba and Netease to Mobike and Toutiao, the approach of these leading companies has important lessons for competing and winning in the Internet and technology space.
  • This talk summarizes the lessons of these companies and gives an update about what is coming next in digital China.

“Updates From China’s New Retail Revolution”

  • E-commerce and digital transformation are areas where China is increasingly setting the pace. Both are happening bigger and faster in China than anywhere else.
  • This talk details what retail and e-commerce companies and executives should know about what is happening with Alibaba, JD, Netease, Gome and others this year. It details the strategies and tactics of China’s “new retail” phenomenon.

Other Talks

  • Updates from the Brutal Fight for 1 Billion Chinese Consumers
  • What Brazil (and Other Developing Economies) Can Learn From China
  • The Rise of China’s Super-Platforms
  • China / Asia 2025: Region Transformed by Chinese Consumers, Companies and Capital.

To book a speaking engagement, please contact your local speakers bureau or email me at info@towsongroup.com or jeffreytowson@gmail.com


I also do executive education seminars, typically at companies or universities over 1-2 days. My most popular executive education seminar is:

The Business in China Boot Camp – Executive Education Seminar

Understanding China is becoming more and more important in business, government and virtually everywhere else. And this is a problem for most because it can seem a complicated subject.

I offer a short, intensive course as a solution to this problem. It is a 1-3 day course that is done on-site at your company or organization with the goal of getting executives up to speed on how to think about China and China business. It is designed as an intensive “boot camp” in understanding the rise of China and its impact on global markets.

This short intensive course is an adaptation of a full course I have been teaching to MBA’s at Peking University for +7 years. Co-taught with Jonathan Woetzel of McKinsey, it is a particularly popular course for international MBAs. It doesn’t require any significant China knowledge and is appropriate for everyone from incoming staff to management teams.

The benefits for attendees are:

  • A reliable framework for the main drivers and trends of the China economy.
  • An update on the major events of this year.
  • A projection for what China business and its interaction with the world will look like in 5-10 years.
  • An understanding of the most common mistakes companies make when dealing with China and Chinese companies.
  • Feedback on China-related issues your company may already be dealing with.
  • Preparation for upcoming trips or projects in China.
  • A fun day and a chance to learn about a fascinating and timely topic.

For more information on executive education, please contact me at info@towsongroup.com or jeffreytowson@gmail.com


“Jeff Towson lived up to the reputation of being one of the most followed Professor…Thanks for enriching our discussion at our Defining the Future conference.” – Clariant Catalysts
“Jeff’s vast experience in the academic and business worlds allows him to recognize complex trends within the Chinese digital universe…He gave an outstanding overview of recent developments in Chinese digital transformation during the first day of our China module.” – Dr. Egor Pereverzev, Moscow Skolkovo School of Management
“Jeff unlocks a whole new level of understanding of emerging Chinese digital business strategies. Unfailingly up to date, he engages students and professionals with equally compelling passion and clarity”. – Giovanni B. Andornino, Director, ChinaMed Business Program at Peking University
“Jeff delivers extraordinary knowledge on the Chinese market, connecting the dots with the Western business world. If you want to learn about China in a clear, solid and insightful way, Jeff is certainly the person to look for.” – Joseph Teperman, Inniti Corp

“Jeffrey’s insights into modern China and knowledge about Chinese economy are unparalleled. The thought-provoking message that Jeff delivered will resonate with our organization for many years.” – Dr Piotr Grzebyk, Director of School of Law and Economy of China, University of Warsaw


Here is the full talk from Singapore.


Some random pictures from talks around the world