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My Book Series “Moats and Marathons” Is Now Available

  • This book series is about how to build and measure competitive advantage in digital businesses. 

  • Parts 1-5 are available on Amazon here.

"After only a few months as a subscriber, my mindset as an investor changed. I understood digital platforms and how to analyse them. The amazing performance of my portfolio this year was recognized by the Thai investor community and I was invited to be one of the speakers at the Global Investment Forum. This is an amazing experience for me and I give credit to Jeff for this."
Dan Chanamet
"Jeff’s class gives me a huge edge as a tech investor, since digital businesses are so different from non-digital. Finding and understanding digital winners like Sea Limited, Mercado Libre and Carvana was easy."
Mads Christiansen
"Becoming a subscriber totally opened my eyes. Jeff's expertise in Asian technology, platforms and digital strategy is very unique. I always learn something new and look forward to listening to his podcast every week."
Chal Chalermdej
Value Investor

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A bit about me

Jeffrey Towson 陶迅

I am a consultant, investor and keynote speaker specialized in digital strategy and digital transformation. I am also a CEIBS / Sasin professor, best-selling author and keynote speaker.

My research is focused both on digital natives like Alibaba and and Google as well as on digitally transforming companies like Nike and Bosch. I focus on the US and China / Asia.

Over the past +9 years, I have done talks and executive training for thousands of managers at companies such as Alibaba, ICBC, Adidas and DHL. And I have also taught thousands of MBA students and executives at schools like Peking University, CEIBS and Cambridge University. 

I have two main goals for my subscribers:

To identify and get deeper insights into the best digital companies of the US, China and Asia

Companies like Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent, JD, Sea and others are the well-known tech leaders. It is important to understand how they have won at such historic scale.

However, there are also small giants. such as Etsy and Farfetch, which do not have global scale and are far less well-known. But they can be very impressive and are often better models for executives to emulate.

There are also the emerging winners, such as Uniswap and Binance, which are important to identify and understand before others.

Finally, there are transforming incumbents, such as Sun Art Retail, Nike and Ping An, which have successfully become digital-first companies.

To become experts in how companies win in digital strategy and transformation

We are seeing new digital tools (software, hardware, data technology) rapidly being adopted in industry after industry. This is creating new capabilities and business models – and is changing the ways you win and lose in business. Software is, in fact, eating the world.

This means understanding 30-40 important digital concepts that shape business models and strategy. I detail these important digital concepts, which are summarized in the above chart for digital strategy.

Who is my subscription newsletter for?


Important: None of this content (podcasts, emails, articles) is investment advice. Do not take it as investment advice. Me and any guests may get the numbers or information wrong. The views expressed may no longer be relevant. Investing is risky. Consult an investment advisor and/or do your own research.


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Absolutely not.

None of this content (podcasts, emails, articles) is investment advice. Do not take it as investment advice. Me and any guests may get the numbers or information wrong. The views expressed may no longer be relevant. Investing is risky. Consult an investment advisor and/or do your own research.


Definitely. If you are working in a digital / tech company, the content should help you advance your thinking. Similarly, if you are aspiring to be a founder, understanding these companies is important. Executives working in areas like retail, transportation, media, communications, and logistics can also really benefit.

Just an email address and a smartphone. The content is delivered via podcast (iTunes) and emailed articles. And all are available at

I am a CEIBS professor, best-selling author, consultant and investor. My writing and speaking are on how to win in digital strategy and digital transformation. 

I am (patting myself of the back here) one of the most followed professors in China (+3.1M followers on LinkedIn). I am routinely cited as a global influencer by companies such as Huawei and Alibaba.

I was previously Head of Direct Investments for Middle East North Africa and Asia Pacific for Prince Alwaleed, nicknamed by Time magazine the “Arabian Warren Buffett”.

I teach investment and digital strategy in semester-long courses at universities. And at executive education sessions. This subscription newsletter is different in two ways:

  • It has much more content, which is spread out over a longer period of time.
  • It is much more affordable. Executive education and MBA courses usually cost tens of thousands of USD.

Reimbursement policies differ from company to company. But many have a yearly budget for employees to invest in professional development, books, continuing education, conferences and online courses. Talk to your manager if your company will reimburse you for this course.

Reach out to with any other questions.

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