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"After only a few months, my mindset as an investor changed. I understood digital platforms and how to analyze them. The amazing performance of my portfolio this year was recognized by the Thai investor community and I was invited to be one of the speakers at the Global Investment Forum. This is an amazing experience for me and I give credit to Jeff for this."
Dan Chanamet
"Jeff gave me a huge edge as a tech investor, since digital businesses are so different from non-digital. Finding and understanding digital winners like Sea Limited, Mercado Libre and Carvana was easy."
Mads Christiansen
"Jeff's expertise in Asian technology, platforms and digital strategy is very unique. I always learn something new and look forward to listening to his podcast every week."
Chal Chalermdej
Value Investor

A bit about me

Jeffrey Towson 陶迅

I am a consultant, investor and keynote speaker specialized in digital strategy and digital transformation. I am also a best-selling author and a former CEIBS, Peking University and Sasin business professor.

My research is focused both on digital natives like Alibaba and and Google as well as on digitally transforming companies like Nike and Bosch. I focus on the US and China / Asia.

Over the past +9 years, I have done talks and executive training for thousands of managers at companies such as Alibaba, ICBC, Adidas and DHL. And I have also taught thousands of MBA students and executives at schools like Peking University, CEIBS and Cambridge University.