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It only takes 70 minutes a week - and can all be done from a smartphone while commuting, exercising or wherever.

So even busy executives can do it!

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A bit about me

Jeffrey Towson 陶迅

I write, speak and teach about digital China and the rising Asian economies. Over the past +9 years, I have given talks to thousands of executives at companies such as Alibaba, ICBC, Adidas and DHL. 

And I have taught thousands of MBA students and executives at schools like Peking University, CEIBS and Cambridge University. My students and executives have been about 50% Chinese and 50% from around the world. Attending from everywhere from China and Indonesia to the USA and the UK.

I have two main goals for my subscribers:

To get deeper insights into the leading digital companies of China and Asia

Companies like Alibaba, Tencent, Didi, JD, GoJek, Grab and others are the frontier of digital Asia. They are disrupting China / Asia business and are pioneering new digital tools, strategies and business models that are increasingly being copied by companies in the US, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Note: Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious new plan for Facebook is basically a copy of WeChat.

To become experts in the strategies and tactics of advanced digital competition.

We are seeing new digital tools (software, hardware, data technology) rapidly being adopted in industry after industry. They are creating new capabilities and business models – and are changing the ways you win and lose in business. Software is, in fact, eating the world.

This is happening particularly quickly in Asia, arguably the world’s most fiercely competitive market. Everything is faster. Everything is more ruthless. Silicon Valley may still be the epicenter of digital innovation but China / Asia is the epicenter of digital combat.

Who are my classes for?

Regardless where you are in your career, I assume everyone in my class is both very smart and very busy. So my goal is to get you deeper insights and big improvements in your expertise in the most condensed way possible.

My Challenge To You

You can’t learn a language in a week. And you usually can’t learn a language on your own. Advanced skills take time, practice and a teacher. And it happens through steady, incremental progress over time. So in this class, I am going to work with you week after week to develop an advanced and valuable skill. It won’t take a lot of time each week, but it will take consistency.

And I am going to push you. I am going to nag you. Think of me like a personal trainer who is always pushing you to do 5 more reps. That, plus consistency, is how you will move upwards in your expertise and abilities over time.

And I am going to push you to do a few things each week – which will take about 70 minutes total.

And you should be able to do all of this with just your smartphone.

That’s the course.

If you can commit to about 70 minutes per week, I will commit to making you an expert. That’s my challenge to you. And, by the way, being a digital and / or China expert in your company or industry is valuable.

Cheers, Jeff


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About 60-70 minutes per week. We assume our subscribers are busy in both time and available mental energy. So the approach is to be fast and condensed.

Overall, the course is designed to move the subscriber consistently forward in expertise – and into more and more and advanced topics over time. Incremental and consistent progress is the process.

Definitely. The course moves step by step, with lots of repetition and reinforcement. Senior level expertise is not required. Up-and-coming leaders are welcome.
Just an email address and a smartphone. The classes are mostly via podcast (iTunes) and emailed articles. And all are available at

Jeff is a CEIBS professor, best-selling author and keynote speaker. His writing and speaking are on digital China and Asia’s latest technology trends.

Jeff is one of the most followed professors in China (+3.1M followers on LinkedIn). He is routinely cited as a global influencer by companies such as Huawei and Alibaba.

His investment / advisory work is in healthcare, primarily in the US and China / Asia. Jeff was previously Head of Direct Investments for Middle East North Africa and Asia Pacific for Prince Alwaleed, nicknamed by Time magazine the “Arabian Warren Buffett”.

Jeff teaches finance and digital strategy in semester-long courses at universities. And at executive education sessions. This online class is different in two ways:
  • It has much more content, which is spread out over a longer period of time. A traditional course usually consists of 24-30 hours of lectures. This course includes significantly more than that in a year.
  • It is much more affordable. Executive education and MBA courses usually cost tens of thousands of USD.

Reimbursement policies differ from company to company. But many have a yearly budget for employees to invest in professional development, books, continuing education, conferences and online courses. Talk to your manager if your company will reimburse you for this course.

Reach out to with any other questions.