What is the Worst Case Scenario for Alibaba? (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 78)

This week’s podcast is about the current political risks around Alibaba. But also about the very important concept of Worst Case Scenario. You can listen to this podcast here or at iTunes, Google Podcasts and Himalaya. Here is the Harvard Business Review case about Viva Macau. Here is the book I mentioned, Dead Companies Walking by Scott Fearon. Here […]

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My 9 Investment Questions (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 75)

This week’s podcast is about my investment checklist. Which is really just 9 questions. Shown below. You can listen to this podcast here or at iTunes, Google Podcasts and Himalaya.     My competitive strength and defensibility pyramid:     My handwritten checklists for various companies.         Charlie Munger’s Speech on the Psychology of Human […]