How Generative AI Is Going to Disrupt YouTube, TikTok and OnlyFans (Tech Strategy – Podcast 152)

This week’s podcast is about more about generative Ai as a disruptive technology and business model. My argument is it is going to disrupt many dominant platform business models – like YouTube, TikTok and maybe OnlyFans. You can listen to this podcast here, which has the slides and graphics mentioned. Also available at iTunes and Google Podcasts. Here […]

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Can YouTube or Facebook Catch TikTok in Short Video? SMILE Marathons vs. the Spill-Over Effect. (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

There was an interesting article in Insead Knowledge (Jason Davis and Vikas Aggarwal) about how innovation gets copied by imitators. I liked the question it posed: “In the game of digital innovation, imitators often outrace the original innovators…at the heart of this race is what we call the innovator’s imitation dilemma. This dilemma arises because […]