Why TikTok and Shein Won Internationally. And Why WeChat and Kuaishou Didn’t. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 161)

In Tech Strategy Podcast 161, Prof Jeff discusses the international success of TikTok and Shein, contrasting it with the less global impact of WeChat and Kuaishou. He identifies three key factors: having a 10x product and user experience, offering a service that’s standardizable across borders, and the ability to build on or develop competitive advantages rapidly​.

Shein Is Low-Priced DTC Apparel at the Speed of Algorithms. Is This a New Moat or Just Table Stakes? (Tech Strategy – Podcast 83)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the rise of Shein, a Chinese fast fashion retailer that has become one of the most popular online apparel brands in the world. He argues that Shein’s success is due to its low prices, its use of algorithms to design and market its products, and its rapid shipping times. He concludes that Shein is a disruptive force in the fashion industry and that its success could have implications for other retailers.

Is Shein’s “Ultra-Fast Fashion” Model Hype? I Think It’s Mostly a Low-Priced Apparel Story. (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Shein, a cross-border online DTC retailer, is transforming the fashion industry with its agile digital marketing and real-time fashion strategies. Founded by Chris Xu in 2008, Shein has grown to become a dominant player in the US fashion market, with its business model drawing significant attention. This article provides a comprehensive look into how Shein has upgraded fast fashion and its impact on the fashion industry.