Shein Is Low-Priced DTC Apparel at the Speed of Algorithms. Is This a New Moat or Just Table Stakes? (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 83)

This week’s podcast is about the US-China DTC retailer Shein, which has rocketed upwards in the past months. Analysts are starting to pay close attention – but consumers have been noticing this company for a while. You can listen to this podcast here or at iTunes, Google Podcasts and Himalaya. The mentioned article by Packy McCormick and Matthew Brennan […]

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Don’t Go Gaga Over Shein’s “Ultra-Fast Fashion” Model. It’s Mostly a Low-Priced DTC Apparel Story. (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In the past year, Chinese online apparel brand and retailer Shein surpassed Amazon (briefly) as the #1 downloaded ecommerce app in the USA. That got people’s attention. People are remembering how TikTok did the same thing to Facebook 1-2 years ago. And there are unconfirmed reports of 100% year-over-year revenue growth for Shein, reaching $10B […]