From Data-Driven Personalization to “Wow Experiences”: The Lessons from Coupang and Xiaomi. (2 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In Part 1, I teed up a couple of related digital concepts: Personalization. A good example of this is Shein. They are taking personalization further up the supply chain to product development. This, in theory, can become the “market of one”. Economies of Scope (vs. Scale). Good examples here are Unilever and Sony. Improving the […]

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Is JD’s E-Space a Game Changer for Department Stores in China? (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class 10)

In this class, I discuss my visit to JD’s new 50,000 sqm e-space in Chongqing – and the question of what new retail (i.e., online-merge-offline) will mean for department stores and shopping malls. You can listen here or at iTunes and Himalaya. Articles / podcasts cited in this class: JD’s E-Space Is a Fascinating New […]