The 3 EV Business Models of BYD, Xiaomi and Tesla (Tech Strategy)

Digital strategy consultant Jeff Towson details the distinct electric vehicle (EV) business models employed by BYD, Xiaomi, and Tesla.
Explore how each company leverages its unique digital strategies to navigate the competitive landscape.
Gain insights into the future of EVs and the innovation strategies for these players in the rapidly evolving market.

What Xiaomi Can Learn About Strategy from Apple and Amazon (Tech Strategy – Podcast 130)

In this insightful piece, Jeff Towson explores what Xiaomi, despite its strong management team and innovative approach, can learn from the strategies employed by Apple and Amazon. He underscores the importance of a clear, effective strategy, something he believes these two tech giants excel at. Furthermore, he brings attention to the vital role that artificial intelligence (AI) plays as a strategic tool in today’s digital business landscape.

How Should Huawei’s Smartphone Business Respond to the US Tech Ban? Part 2 (Tech Strategy – Podcast 17)

In this podcast episode, Jeffrey Towson discusses four options for how Huawei can respond to the US tech ban on its smartphone business. These options include fixing the supply chain, becoming a digital platform, ignoring Europe, and trying to build an anti-US alliance for smartphone operating systems. Towson argues that Huawei’s best option is to become a digital platform, as this would allow it to continue to innovate and grow its business even in the face of the US tech ban.