Why Lazada vs. Shopee Is Faster Horse vs. Better Jockey (Tech Strategy – Podcast 40)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the competitive landscape between Lazada and Shopee, comparing the two companies to a faster horse versus a better jockey. He argues that Lazada has the resources and infrastructure to be successful in the long run, but Shopee has the better management team and is more nimble. Towson believes that the winner of this race will depend on which company can execute its strategy better.

Chinese Ecommerce Is Quietly Going Global (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Daily Lesson / Update)

China’s cross-border ecommerce business doesn’t get a lot of attention. It seems peripheral to China ecommerce. There are a lot of logistics, taxes and customs requirements. There are tons of regulations. And it’s just not sexy. But it is also non-political. It doesn’t have any of the national security concerns of telecommunication (i.e., Huawei and […]

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Companies Can Have Digital Superpowers: Lazada vs. Grab. Luckin vs. Hellobike. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 37)

In this class, Jeffrey Towson discusses how companies can develop digital superpowers to gain a competitive advantage. He compares and contrasts four companies in Asia that have successfully used digital technology to transform their businesses: Lazada, Grab, Luckin Coffee, and Hellobike. Towson argues that digital superpowers can be used to dramatically improve the user experience, enable a platform business model, create network effects, or provide other competitive advantages.

Grab vs. GoJek vs. Lazada: Who Will Win in Services in Southeast Asia? (Tech Strategy – Podcast 32)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the competition between Grab, GoJek, and Lazada in the Southeast Asian services market. He identifies the most important factors for success in this market, including consumer engagement, merchant engagement, and platform business models. For example, Grab has been successful in capturing a large share of the consumer mind by offering a wide range of services, including ride-hailing, food delivery, and payments.

Alibaba to Lazada: The Stunning Future of Interconnected Asia (Tech Strategy – Podcast 25)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the future of e-commerce in Asia, with a focus on Alibaba’s acquisition of Lazada. He argues that this acquisition will help Alibaba to create a more interconnected Asia, where consumers can shop from anywhere in the region. For example, he notes that Alibaba could use Lazada’s logistics network to deliver goods to consumers in Southeast Asia, which would help to reduce shipping costs and make it easier for consumers to buy from overseas retailers.