Grab vs. GoJek vs. Lazada: Who Will Win in Services in SE Asia? (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Podcast 32)


In this class, I go through some of the basics of Grab, GoJek and Lazada. And the different approaches for capturing local services in SE Asia.

You can listen here or at iTunes, Google Podcasts and Himalaya.

Which are the most important 1-2 factors for the competition in SE Asia services?

  1. Consumer engagement and experience. Capturing a share of the consumer mind.
  2. Merchant engagement and experience. Being strong with service providers.
  3. Platform business models and their advantages (subsidized pricing, growing interactions, data, etc.)
  4. Network effects.
  5. Management execution and access to capital.

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Concepts for this class:

  • Bundling
  • Platforms: Marketplaces for Services
  • Network Effects

Companies for this class:

  • Grab
  • GoJek
  • Didi
  • Lazada


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