Alibaba’s 11 Growth Strategies (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I keep an eye on the larger moves by Alibaba. Not the constant stream of announcements and endless initiatives but the larger strategic moves that I think will change the trajectory of the company. This usually means talking with management when I can and following the investor days. A couple of years ago, Maggie Wu […]

7 Reasons Digital Platforms Fail (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

One of my favorite articles about platform strategy is a 2020 article by the Boston Consulting Group. It was a really solid investigation of an important question: Why do platform business models fail? Just about about client I talk to about digital strategy and transformation wants to build a platform. Especially retailers who want to […]

Compelling Digital Business Models by Walgreens and Ping An Good Doctor (Tech Strategy – Podcast 132)

This week’s podcast is about Walgreens and Ping An Good Doctor. Both are using digital tools to create entirely new business models in healthcare. And both look like they have real strengths, if successful. I also mention CVS health. You can listen to this podcast here or at iTunes and Google Podcasts. Here are the Ping An […]

Ant’s Newly Launched Alipay+ Is Outstanding Platform Strategy (1 of 2)(Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

A few years ago, I wrote about how was launching an ambitious global platform strategy around B2B cross-border transactions. was attempting to build a marketplace platform that digitized and democratized global trade. It was a sweeping vision. Basically, they were creating digital tools and connections that enabled SMEs to buy and sell products […]

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