Mercado Libre vs. Magazine Luiza / Magalu in Brazil is an Awesome Strategy Question (Tech Strategy – Podcast 147)

Jeff Towson’s Podcast 147 provides a detailed comparison of Mercado Libre and Magazine Luiza (Magalu) in the Brazilian e-commerce market. The podcast delves into their individual strategies, offering unique tech insights. Tune in to understand the dynamics of this thriving digital retail landscape.

3 Strategy Questions for Brazil’s OMO Leader Magazine Luiza / Magalu (Tech Strategy – Podcast 140)

Jeff Towson discusses three strategy questions for Magazine Luiza (Magalu) in Brazil in this podcast. These questions include how to compete with Amazon, how to expand into new markets, and how to build a strong brand. Listen now to learn more!

An Introduction to Magazine Luiza / Magalu, the Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) Pioneer of Brazil (1 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I recently visited the Magazine Luiza / Magalu headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And this company should be on your radar. Magalu is definitely out front in terms of digitizing physical retail in Brazil. And they are heading towards becoming an ecommerce giant. Maybe. Magalu: The Accidental OMO Pioneer Nvidia is the global leader in […]

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3 Big Digital Trends Disrupting Retail and Ecommerce (Tech Strategy – Podcast 138)

Uncover the three significant digital shifts revolutionizing the retail and ecommerce sectors in this comprehensive podcast by Jeffrey Towson. This episode offers a deep dive into these transformative changes and what they mean for the industry’s future. If you’re passionate about retail and ecommerce, this insightful discussion is a must-read.

Compelling Digital Business Models by Walgreens and Ping An Good Doctor (Tech Strategy – Podcast 132)

This discussion centers on the innovative digital business models developed by Walgreens and Ping An Good Doctor in the healthcare sector. These industry leaders have embraced digital transformation to establish new, compelling business models, each unique in its approach. The analysis will delve into three key areas: the economies of scale and scope, digital superpowers that lend competitive advantage, and the role of AI as a capability and potential learning platform.