My Playbook for Success as a Professional Thinker (i.e., Introvert) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I have long argued that the term “introvert” sucks – and it should be replaced with “power thinker“, which is both more accurate and more positive. My follow-up point is that if you are more of a thinker in life (and less of an “over-talker”, which is my term for extroverts) then you need a […]

Stop Calling Me An Introvert. I Prefer “Power Thinker”.

I’m really getting sick of the term “introvert”. It sounds like someone with a problem. Like someone who is anti-social. In contrast, “extrovert” sounds outgoing and engaging. Like the CEO or student body president. Yes, I admit some of us are pretty quiet in classrooms, at dinner parties and during corporate functions. Yes, we do […]


我很厌烦“内向者”这个词。它让人联想起“反社交”等问题。而 “外向者”总是让人联想起CEO或是学生会主席。他们开朗友好、受人欢迎。 我承认我们中的一些人在教室里、晚宴上、公司里表现得很安静。在聚会进行一、两小时后,我们确实会感觉到厌倦。我们经常将电话铃声转为语音信箱(铃声太吵了)。