My Playbook for Success as an Introvert (i.e., a Professional Thinker) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. In fact, introverts have unique strengths that can lead to success in business and life. In this article, Jeff Towson shares his playbook for success as an introvert, offering practical strategies and insights for thriving in a world that often favors extroversion.

Stop Calling Me An Introvert. I Prefer “Power Thinker”.

I’m really getting sick of the term “introvert”. It sounds like someone with a problem. Like someone who is anti-social. In contrast, “extrovert” sounds outgoing and engaging. Like the CEO or student body president. Yes, I admit some of us are pretty quiet in classrooms, at dinner parties and during corporate functions. Yes, we do […]


我很厌烦“内向者”这个词。它让人联想起“反社交”等问题。而 “外向者”总是让人联想起CEO或是学生会主席。他们开朗友好、受人欢迎。 我承认我们中的一些人在教室里、晚宴上、公司里表现得很安静。在聚会进行一、两小时后,我们确实会感觉到厌倦。我们经常将电话铃声转为语音信箱(铃声太吵了)。


2015年5月22日,我在LinkedIn上发布了我的第一篇文章。我努力了一个多星期,然后终于成功“发布”。起初,一切都平淡无奇。 在接下来的几天里,我的文章获得了大约50-100次阅读。我的粉丝(即我的人脉)从500增加到了505人。总体来说,这是一个令人沮丧的开端。