JD Logistics and the Dream of Smart, Automated Logistics at Scale (1 of 2) (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Update)

I have been thinking about JD’s logistics operations for like 4 years. I visited a couple of their warehouses. I toured their robotics laboratory. And I am always looking for their cool logistics videos (see here or below). But it’s hard to see the whole system. Most logistics is behind the scenes. But JD Logistics […]

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Alibaba and Cainiao’s Next Really Big Move: An Intelligent IoT Logistics Network (Pt 2 of 2)

In Part 1 (Why the #1 Business Solution to Coronavirus in China Is Live Streaming, Especially Taobao Live), I argued three big things are happening in digital China right now. Covid19 is radically altering the behavior of hundreds of millions of consumers (and businesses), resulting in what is being called the quarantine economy. Everyone is […]

The Ruthless But Entertaining Fight to Become the “FedEx of China” (Part 1)

SF Express, YTO, and the other China express delivery majors have been racing to go public. Faced with shrinking profits and mounting competitive threats, the dream of being the “FedEx of China” is quickly morphing into an arms race in capital and capabilities. Here’s my take on what is going on and what to expect. […]