Will GoTo “Win it All” in Indonesia? (Tech Strategy – Podcast 123)

GoTo is a digital platform that combines the services of two of Indonesia’s largest tech companies: Gojek and Tokopedia. The company has a strong presence in the country’s e-commerce and ride-hailing markets, and it is growing rapidly. However, GoTo faces stiff competition from other tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent.

How Digital Is Wrecking Havoc on Barriers to Entry (Tech Strategy – Podcast 115)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy Podcast, Jeff Towson discusses how digital technology is wrecking havoc on traditional barriers to entry in the business world. He talks about how new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are making it easier for startups to compete with established incumbents. He also discusses how the rise of digital platforms is changing the way businesses compete and interact with customers.

Is Shein’s “Ultra-Fast Fashion” Model Hype? I Think It’s Mostly a Low-Priced Apparel Story. (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Shein, a cross-border online DTC retailer, is transforming the fashion industry with its agile digital marketing and real-time fashion strategies. Founded by Chris Xu in 2008, Shein has grown to become a dominant player in the US fashion market, with its business model drawing significant attention. This article provides a comprehensive look into how Shein has upgraded fast fashion and its impact on the fashion industry.

Waze, Google Maps and How Warren Buffett Made 50% on a Map Company (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Daily Update)

I’ve been thinking a lot about mapping companies. On one hand, they are typical “information goods” companies, most of which have had their economics turned upside down by digital. Everything from encyclopedias and phone books to videos and music. There is a long list of previously good businesses that have been transformed, disrupted and/or destroyed. […]

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JD and Competitive Advantages vs. Entry Barriers in China Retail (Daily Lesson – Jeff’s Asia Tech Class)

A final short discussion about this week’s lecture / podcast on JD vs. Alibaba. And how they compete on different factors. The talk is located here: JD vs. Alibaba: How Retailers and Marketplace Platforms Compete and Evolve in China (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Podcast 18) I expanded on this in yesterday’s Daily Lesson, where […]

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