Powerful New Digital Business Models by Walgreens and Ping An Good Doctor (Tech Strategy – Podcast 132)

This week’s podcast is about Walgreens and Ping An Good Doctor. Both are using digital tools to create entirely new business models in healthcare. And both look like they have real strengths, if successful. I also mention CVS health. You can listen to this podcast here or at iTunes and Google Podcasts. Here are the Ping An […]

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3 Lessons in AI/ Machine Learning from Artefact (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I had a good interview with Arthur du Passage and Edouard de Mezerac of Artefact, a data consulting and digital marketing company. And I thought they had a really good vantage point for how AI / ML is being used on the ground in China. I’ve summarized my 3 take-aways from our discussion. An Introduction […]

Ping An Good Doctor Has a Sweeping but Difficult Platform Strategy (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Ping An is the quiet digital giant of China. It began as an insurance company. Then it added a wealth management company. Then it added a bank. And now it is focusing on healthcare. And, along the way, it became a full tech company. It’s right up there with Alibaba, ByteDance and the others. I […]

SenseTime’s Metaverse Ambitions. Plus, Cool Case Studies (3 of 3)(Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In Part 1, I detailed some of the basics of SenseTime, China’s leading computer vision company. I argued it was basically a linear business model, not a platform. It mostly reminds me of Adobe and traditional software companies. But the economics of AI software companies at large scale are still largely unknown. Especially when it […]

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Two Big Questions About SenseTime and AI Software Business Models (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 114)

This week’s podcast is about SenseTime, which is a leader in computer vision in China / Asia. It’s a fascinating company for looking at the evolving business models of AI software. The two big questions are: What are the unit economics of large AI companies? What types of scale advantages and network effects do large […]

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10 Lessons in China AI – From Kai-Fu Lee’s Book AI Superpowers (Pt 1 of 2)

Kai-Fu Lee has released a new book titled AI Superpowers. It broadly compares artificial intelligence in China and the USA and it’s getting a lot of press. I was fortunate to hear him present part of his book at an Amcham event in Beijing. The book doesn’t go into AI or business questions too deeply. […]