ChatRhino and How JD’s GenAI Strategy is Different than Alibaba’s (Tech Strategy)

In the realm of digital transformation strategy, JD’s GenAI approach stands out as a new approach. Unlike Alibaba’s ecommerce strategy, JD leverages intelligence capabilities to build logistics-focused industry solutions. As a digital strategy consultant, understanding JD’s playbook can provide valuable lessons for navigating the evolving tech landscape.

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Barriers to Entry

How to Build Barriers to Entry with GenAI and Intelligence (Tech Strategy – Podcast 211)

In this podcast episode, Jeff Towson delves into the innovation strategy behind using GenAI and intelligence technology to create robust barriers to entry. As a leading digital transformation consultant, Jeff provides valuable insights on how businesses can leverage these advanced technologies to stay ahead. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to refine their digital transformation strategy with guidance from a seasoned digital strategy consultant.

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Barriers to Entry

GenAI Playbook (Step 3a): How to Build Barriers to Entry with Intelligence Capabilities (9 of 10) (Tech Strategy)

Step 3 of the GenAI Playbook reveals how to construct effective barriers to entry using intelligence capabilities. By integrating advanced intelligence into your strategy, you can create a competitive edge that is difficult for rivals to overcome. This article provides actionable steps and insights to strengthen your market position through intelligent innovation.

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Barriers to Entry

GenAI Playbook (Step 3a): How to Assess Barriers to Entry (7 of 10) (Tech Strategy)

In the third step of the GenAI Playbook, we delve into the critical process of assessing barriers to entry in the tech industry. Understanding these barriers is essential for any business looking to navigate competitive landscapes and secure a strong market position. This guide provides actionable strategies and examples to help you identify and overcome the challenges unique to technology markets.

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GenAI Playbook Step 2

My Generative AI Playbook: Step 2 (Tech Strategy – Podcast 210)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy Podcast, Jeff Towson explores the second step of his Generative AI Playbook, focusing on the critical aspects of tech strategy. He discusses the key elements that drive successful AI implementation and shares actionable insights for businesses looking to harness the power of generative AI. Tune in for a deep dive into how strategic planning can transform AI potentials into tangible outcomes.

Capabilities resources and assets cras

Step 2 of the GenAI Playbook Is a Rate of Learning Marathon Plus Building Intelligence Capabilities (6 of 6) (Tech Strategy)

Step 2 of the GenAI Strategy transcends traditional approaches by emphasizing the rate of learning and marathon-like endurance in developing intelligence capabilities. This article delves into how organizations can leverage these strategies to gain a competitive edge in technology. Learn the key components that make up a successful AI strategy and how they can transform your business’s tech trajectory.

AI Platform Business Model

Watch Out for 3 New GenAI Business Models. Plus, Alibaba’s New DingTalk AI Assistant. (3 of 3) (Tech Strategy)

Jeff Towson delves into the transformative potential of three groundbreaking GenAI business models that are set to redefine the industry. Additionally, he examines Alibaba’s new DingTalk AI assistant, highlighting its implications for business communication and productivity. This article provides crucial insights for understanding and leveraging AI advancements in today’s competitive tech environment.


Alibaba’s Generative AI Strategy Begins with Transforming Core Products and Operations (2 of 3) (Tech Strategy)

Alibaba’s generative AI strategy is at the forefront of transforming its core products and operations. By integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, Alibaba aims to enhance efficiency, customer experience, and innovation across its business units. This strategic move not only strengthens Alibaba’s competitive edge but also sets a new benchmark in the AI-driven transformation of global enterprises.