Ping An Good Doctor Has a Sweeping but Difficult Platform Strategy (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Ping An is the quiet digital giant of China. It began as an insurance company. Then it added a wealth management company. Then it added a bank. And now it is focusing on healthcare. And, along the way, it became a full tech company. It’s right up there with Alibaba, ByteDance and the others. I […]

SenseTime’s Metaverse Ambitions. Plus, Cool Case Studies (3 of 3)(Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In Part 1, I detailed some of the basics of SenseTime, China’s leading computer vision company. I argued it was basically a linear business model, not a platform. It mostly reminds me of Adobe and traditional software companies. But the economics of AI software companies at large scale are still largely unknown. Especially when it […]

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Two Big Questions About SenseTime and AI Software Business Models (Asia Tech Strategy – Podcast 114)

This week’s podcast is about SenseTime, which is a leader in computer vision in China / Asia. It’s a fascinating company for looking at the evolving business models of AI software. The two big questions are: What are the unit economics of large AI companies? What types of scale advantages and network effects do large […]

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3 Lessons in China AI/ML from Artefact (Data Consultants and Digital Marketers)

I had a good discussion interview with Arthur du Passage and Edouard de Mezerac of Artefact, a data consulting and digital marketing company. And I thought they had a really good vantage point for how AI / ML is being used on the ground in China. I’ve summarized my 3 take-aways from our discussion.   […]

10 Lessons in China AI – From Kai-Fu Lee’s Book AI Superpowers (Pt 1 of 2)

Kai-Fu Lee has released a new book titled AI Superpowers. It broadly compares artificial intelligence in China and the USA and it’s getting a lot of press. I was fortunate to hear him present part of his book at an Amcham event in Beijing. The book doesn’t go into AI or business questions too deeply. […]

10 Big Lessons in Chinese AI – From Kai-Fu Lee’s Book AI Superpowers (Pt 2 of 2)

This is Part 2 of the 10 things I learned for Kai-Fu Lee’s new book AI Superpowers. My first five are in Part 1. Here are the rest.   Lesson 6: AI is a competition between batteries and grids. Dr. Lee had some particularly interesting comments on how AI companies are competing. He says the […]