Why the #1 Business Solution to Coronavirus in China Is Live Streaming, Especially Taobao Live (Pt 1 of 2)

Three big things are happening in digital China right now. The coronavirus is radically altering the behavior of hundreds of millions of consumers (and businesses), resulting in what is being called the quarantine economy. Everyone is trying to move from in-person to digital interactions. This shift to digital interactions is supercharging and rapidly evolving China’s […]

How the Coronavirus Quarantine Economy Is Supercharging Taobao Live & the China Digital Consumer Network (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Podcast 19)

In this class, I talk about how live-streaming and KOLs (especially Taobao Live) are activating the China Digital Consumer Network (CDCN). And how the quarantine economy is supercharging this. Correction. I mistakenly said Scott Gottlieb was former CDC head. I meant FDA.   You can listen here or at iTunes, Google Podcasts and Himalaya. China’s […]

Questions for Huawei’s CEO, JD & Jingxi, Metcalfe’s Law Is Dumb (Asia Tech Class Daily Update 12.11.19)

Hi everyone, Here is the daily update. Cheers from Bangkok, -j   Suggestions for Questions for the CEO of Huawei? I’m going to Shenzhen next week to interview Guo Ping, Huawei’s CEO. Super excited about this. The Huawei campus is pretty awesome as well (see pic). The interview should be about an hour so I’m […]

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