Valuing Amazon (Part 2): Good Frameworks for Intangible Assets (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In Part 1, I raised the problem of intangible assets in valuation and financial analysis. Value creation follows from growth, ROIC and RONIC, where the IC stands for Invested Capital. But how do you figure out the capital spent on intangible assets (also called Intangible Assets). And how to do you separate past from future […]

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Amazon, Tencent and When Rate of Learning Becomes a Competitive Advantage (Tech Strategy – Podcast 131)

In this week’s episode, Jeff Towson dives deep into the concept of the rate of learning as a competitive advantage, a significant shift from its origins in production-intensive products to a digital necessity. He explores how Amazon and Tencent have harnessed this capacity, transforming it into a formidable competitive tool. The episode offers insightful perspectives on the ‘smile marathon’, the experience effect, and the emergence of the rate of learning as a key competitive advantage.

What Xiaomi Can Learn About Strategy from Apple and Amazon (Tech Strategy – Podcast 130)

In this insightful piece, Jeff Towson explores what Xiaomi, despite its strong management team and innovative approach, can learn from the strategies employed by Apple and Amazon. He underscores the importance of a clear, effective strategy, something he believes these two tech giants excel at. Furthermore, he brings attention to the vital role that artificial intelligence (AI) plays as a strategic tool in today’s digital business landscape.