AutoGPT: The Rise of Digital Agents and Non-Human Platforms & Business Models (Tech Strategy – Podcast 163)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy podcast, Jeff Towson discusses the rise of digital agents and non-human platforms and how they are changing business models. He explains how these technologies are being used in various industries and how they could change the way we live and work. Towson also talks about the potential benefits and risks of these technologies and how companies can prepare for their impact.

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Why Prediction and Machine Learning Are Not Competitive Advantages Yet (Tech Strategy – Podcast 157)

In this thought-provoking discussion, Jeffrey Towson analyzes the impact of machine learning and prediction on businesses. He questions whether these capabilities can truly serve as competitive advantages or if they merely pass value onto customers, maintaining business as usual. Although he concludes that these technologies do not provide a competitive edge yet, they indeed bring about significant changes to business operations and strategies​.

3 Lessons in AI/ Machine Learning from Artefact (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I had a good interview with Arthur du Passage and Edouard de Mezerac of Artefact, a data consulting and digital marketing company. And I thought they had a really good vantage point for how AI / ML is being used on the ground in China. I’ve summarized my 3 take-aways from our discussion. An Introduction […]

Great Strategy But Difficult Climbing at ZhongAn Online Insurance (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Update)

Online insurance company ZhongAn was the first mover in “digital meets insurance” in China. A strategy Ant Financial would later refer to in its IPO filing as “InsureTech”. And in both the ZhongAn and Ant cases, we saw: An awesome digital strategy and vision in a very big market. Limited traction after years of effort. […]

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Why Revenue Scale and Operating Leverage Are Different for Software vs. AI. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 69)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses how revenue scale and operating leverage differ for software and AI companies. He argues that software companies can achieve economies of scale more easily than AI companies, which can lead to higher profit margins. Towson also discusses the importance of data and talent for AI companies, and how these factors can affect their ability to scale.

Introduction to Learning Platforms, Computer Vision and Megvii (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

I have listed 5 types of platform business models: Marketplace and transaction platforms (e.g., Taobao, Meituan, Lazada) Innovation and audience-builder platforms (e.g., YouTube, TikTok, Android) Collaboration / coordination and standardization platforms (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams, Adobe) Payment platforms (e.g., MasterCard, Alipay) Learning platforms Here are examples of the first two. But I have not really […]