Is Alibaba (or Another Chinese Company) Going to Buy Farfetch? (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Daily Update)

Luxury marketplace platform Farfetch has had a long courtship with JD, Alibaba and Chinese consumers. In the next update, I’ll go into my thoughts on Farfetch as a stand-alone company (basically, not good). But the more interesting questions for investors are: Is Farfetch going to get bought? What is the private market value to Chinese […]

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3 Ways AI Is Transforming Fashion: My Interview with JD Vice President of Cloud & AI (2 of 2)

This is a follow-up to my article on conversational AI with He Xiaodong at JD (article here, podcast here). I also spoke with Tao Mei, who is Vice President of Cloud & AI – and Technical support Vice President of JD. We talked about how AI was being used in fashion, which is a fascinating […]