What’s Next for Digital Infrastructure in Asia? My Interview with Huawei APAC President Simon Baifeng.

I recently sat down with Simon Lin Baifeng, President of Huawei Asia Pacific and had a fascinating discussion about the future of digital infrastructure in Asia. Now I admit I’m a bit jealous of Simon. If there is one place to be building digital infrastructure, it’s Asia. Things are moving fast in infrastructure (5G, data […]

Can JD, Alibaba and New Retail Go International? My Interview With the CEO of JD Central Thailand. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 72)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy podcast, Jeffrey Towson interviews Vincent Yang, CEO of JD Central Thailand. They discuss the challenges and opportunities for Chinese e-commerce giants to expand internationally, such as the need to adapt to local cultures and regulations. Yang also shares his insights on the future of new retail in Asia, which he sees as a key trend that will shape the way people shop in the region.