Lessons in Competitive Advantage from My Visit to Warren Buffett’s Borsheims Jewelry (Tech Strategy)

This article dives into the world of Warren Buffett’s Omaha businesses, exploring the secrets to their competitive advantage. By visiting these businesses, the author uncovers valuable insights into Buffett’s investment philosophy and the factors that contribute to a company’s long-term success. The article highlights the importance of competitive advantage in Buffett’s business selection process, emphasizing that every business he acquires possesses a unique edge in its respective market.

Switching Costs, Wabco and Buffett’s Critical Companies (Tech Strategy – Podcast 85)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the concept of “criticality” as a type of switching cost. He specifically talks about Wabco, one of Warren Buffett’s companies that has fairly powerful B2B criticality. Wabco is a supplier of braking systems for trucks and buses, and its products are critical to the operation of these vehicles. As a result, customers are reluctant to switch to other suppliers, even if Wabco’s prices are higher. This gives Wabco a strong competitive advantage.

My 9 Investment Questions (Tech Strategy – Podcast 75)

In this episode of the Asia Tech Strategy podcast, Jeffrey Towson shares his 9 investment questions. These questions can help you evaluate companies for investment by assessing their competitive strengths, market size, and management team. Towson also discusses the importance of building digital moats, which are sustainable competitive advantages that make it difficult for competitors to imitate.

My 9 Investment Questions: Part 1 (Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Update)

I’ve been teaching a private equity class at CEIBS in Shanghai for like 5 years. I call it private equity but it’s really about how to analyze companies and investments. Regardless of whether it is private or public. Whether the approach is active or passive. It’s basically my checklists, which are 9 questions. I’ve mentioned […]

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Waze, Google Maps and How Warren Buffett Made 50% on a Map Company (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Daily Update)

I’ve been thinking a lot about mapping companies. On one hand, they are typical “information goods” companies, most of which have had their economics turned upside down by digital. Everything from encyclopedias and phone books to videos and music. There is a long list of previously good businesses that have been transformed, disrupted and/or destroyed. […]

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