TV Appearance – Berkshire Hathaway Halftime Show 2018

Hey, The big Berkshire Hathaway meeting was yesterday. The halftime show covered China and Peking University’s trip to Omaha. Video here. My part starts at 4;30 min. some photos









Warren Buffett on Why Investing in the US Is a “Winner’s Game”

So I’m writing up my notes from lunch with Warren Buffett. I put all the business thinking here. And I wrote up his stuff about becoming a better person here and here. But I wanted to write a separate article on his really convincing argument why investing long term in the US is a “winner’s […]

What I Learned from Warren Buffett About Friendship

This is the second year I’ve taken students to Omaha to meet Warren Buffet. And again it was his comments about life and people (not business) that made the biggest impression on me. He talked quite a bit about how you to become a better person, which I wrote about here. And he spoke about […]