Jeffrey Towson – The Race for Assets in New Retail

From one of my standard talks in 2018 (since retired). This is about bike-sharing, mobility and super-apps. See below. Youtube link is here. Other parts of talk are below: Part 1: What is the Engine of Chinese Bike-Sharing? Part 2: Give Consumers Exactly What They Want Part 3: In Digital China, Re-Imagine Operations ASAP Part […]

在中国,需要读一个MBA吗? 来自北大教授的建议

我在北大光华管理学院任教刚满五年,迎来送往了无数工商管理硕士。有些学员上了一学期课程,有些上了一学年,有些完成了两年全日制MBA课程。 问题是:在中国,必须要读一个MBA吗?各自有什么利弊?如果你是来自美国、欧洲或其他地区的学员,又该如何选择?会给你的职业生涯带来怎样的影响呢?

China Needs Smarter Not Faster Growth

*The following is an excerpt from our new One Hour China Contrarian Book (which is available here.). “Jonathan Woetzel (McKinsey & Co, Peking University) and I have written three speed-read China books together. In this latest one, we have put together a collection of our essays that basically make four main contrarian points. These are: […]

My Favorite Map for Understanding Modern China

The “cluster” map shown above (and below) is originally by McKinsey & Co. I think it really illustrates three important points about modern China. Point 1: China today is a series of clusters, not a continent. China today is not yet an integrated continental economy. You don’t see infrastructure seamlessly connecting each part of the […]