7 Questions for Alibaba on Singles’ Day (1 of 2)

Singles’ Day is one of the biggest shopping events in the world, generating billions of dollars in sales for Alibaba. But as competition heats up and consumer behavior changes, Alibaba faces new challenges in maintaining its dominance. In this article, Jeff Towson asks 7 questions to Alibaba about Singles’ Day and explores how it has evolved over time.

7 Things Everyone Is Getting Wrong About Alibaba Singles’ Day (Tech Strategy – Podcast 107)

Singles’ Day is not just about e-commerce. It is also about user-facing innovation, such as live-streaming, metaverse, and NFTs. It is also about merchant-facing innovation, such as R&D and financing. And it is also about physical assets, such as supply-side scale and building a barrier to entry.

Behind the Scenes with Alibaba on Singles’ Day (Tech Strategy – Podcast 5)

Jeffrey Towson shares his insights into the inner workings of Alibaba on Singles’ Day, the world’s largest online shopping event. He discusses how Alibaba uses data, technology, and logistics to execute its business strategy and deliver a world-class shopping experience to its customers. He also talks about the challenges of managing such a large event and how Alibaba is constantly innovating to improve its performance.