The One Number That Matters for Luckin Coffee vs. Starbucks in China (And Maybe Tim Hortons)

The Luckin vs. Starbucks fight is accelerating, both in terms of stores opened and hype. Luckin is rapidly positioning for an IPO. And Tim Horton’s is jumping into the China coffee biz. What is going on? Why is there so much activity in the previously sleepy business of Chinese retail coffee? Recall, a similar thing […]

Jeffrey Towson – The Race for Assets in New Retail

From one of my standard talks in 2018 (since retired). This is about bike-sharing, mobility and super-apps. See below. Youtube link is here. Other parts of talk are below: Part 1: What is the Engine of Chinese Bike-Sharing? Part 2: Give Consumers Exactly What They Want Part 3: In Digital China, Re-Imagine Operations ASAP Part […]

Facebook Copying WeChat Could Result in Stunning Growth (pt 2 of 2)

In Part 1, I argued that Mark Zuckerberg’s memo on “privacy-focused messaging and social networking” is actually an aggressive and potentially stunning growth path for the company. I called it the ultimate gangster move. Their move to consolidate their messaging services creates a big global tool. And it looks a lot like the foundation of […]

Facebook Copying WeChat is the Ultimate Gangster Move (pt 1 of 2)

Mark Zuckerberg’s memo on “privacy-focused messaging and social networking” has some really big implications. It is focused on private messaging and the WeChat-type operating system. To me, it looks like the first move in a strategy to turn Facebook into a much larger and more powerful company. That such a big power play is dressed […]

Jeffrey Towson – My 6 Take Aways From CES 2019 (Video)

Some thoughts from the annual CES convention in Las Vegas. Video below and at Youtube here. Tencent Video pending. Music by Joakim Karud —– I write and speak about digital China and digital competition.


下文节选自《中国一小时书刊》。(here) “《纽约时报》曾报道一件有关史蒂夫•乔布斯的趣闻,这件事成为了他人生传奇的一部分。据说,在第一批iPhone发布前的六周,他曾一度焦虑不安。发布前一个月,他召集了他的高层团队,要求给手机换玻璃屏。由于样机的塑料屏太容易刮伤,他想改换耐刮的玻璃屏,要求在投产前的4至5周内换好。”


已下内容节选自我们的新书《一小时读懂中国》,目前2017新版有售。 “中国万科是一家房地产公司,西方国家无一家房地产公司可与其媲美。其收益超过美国四大房地产开发商收益之和。它所建的公寓数量,在历史上没有一家公司可与其相抗衡。万科的创始人——王石,是全球最大的房地产开发商。对数百万奋斗中的中国人而言,王石决定着他们人生中的重要时刻——购买自己的第一个家。


*以下内容摘选自最新版的《一小时读懂中国》(One Hour China Contrarian Book)一书。 “我和华强森(Jonathan Woetzel,就职于麦肯锡咨询公司和北京大学)已共同撰写了三本速读书。在最新的一本书中,我们收集了一系列文章,主要提出了四大不同的观点,它们是:

At Home And Abroad, Chinese Companies Can Beat You Fair And Square

*The following is an excerpt from our new One Hour China Contrarian Book (which is available here.). “Jonathan Woetzel (McKinsey & Co, Peking University) and I have written three speed-read China books together. In this latest one, we have put together a collection of our essays that basically make four main contrarian points. These are: […]