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Step 2 of the GenAI Playbook Is a Rate of Learning Marathon Plus Building Intelligence Capabilities (6 of 6) (Tech Strategy)

Step 2 of the GenAI Strategy transcends traditional approaches by emphasizing the rate of learning and marathon-like endurance in developing intelligence capabilities. This article delves into how organizations can leverage these strategies to gain a competitive edge in technology. Learn the key components that make up a successful AI strategy and how they can transform your business’s tech trajectory.

CRAs Are the Path From Digital Operating Activities to Moats (2 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Podcast 201)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy Podcast, Jeff Towson delves into the world of CRAs (Capabilities, Resources, and Assets). These essential components link operating performance to structural advantages, offering a path from day-to-day activities to competitive moats.
Discover how CRAs can manifest as barriers to entry and competitive advantages. CEOs seeking sustainable growth should identify their moats and strategically build critical CRAs.
Listen now to explore the intersection of operating activities and strategic advantage through CRAs.

Digital Strategy Lesson: CRAs Are the Path From Operating Activities to Competitive Advantage (1 of 2) (Tech Strategy – Podcast 190)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy Podcast, Jeff Towson discusses how CRAs can be used to gain a competitive advantage in the digital age. He explains how CRAs can help companies move from operating activities to competitive advantage. Jeff also provides a comprehensive guide to CRAs and how they can be used to improve your digital strategy.

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Will Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Win Big in Human Capital and Non-Human Workforces? (Tech Strategy – Podcast 195)

The future of work is not just about humans, but also about non-human workforces such as robots, software, and AI. How can ADP, a company that has been serving human capital for decades, adapt and thrive in this new era? In this podcast, Jeff Towson discusses ADP’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities in the changing landscape of work.

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3 Rules for Winning Big in Digital (Tech Strategy – Podcast 175)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy Podcast, Jeffrey Towson shares his insights on the 3 rules for winning big in digital. He delves into the strategies and business models of the best digital companies in the US and China/Asia, providing deeper insights into the world of digital. Tune in to gain a competitive edge in the digital world and learn from the best in the industry.

Why Prediction and Machine Learning Are Not Competitive Advantages Yet (Tech Strategy – Podcast 157)

In this thought-provoking discussion, Jeffrey Towson analyzes the impact of machine learning and prediction on businesses. He questions whether these capabilities can truly serve as competitive advantages or if they merely pass value onto customers, maintaining business as usual. Although he concludes that these technologies do not provide a competitive edge yet, they indeed bring about significant changes to business operations and strategies​.

Valuing Amazon (Part 2): Good Frameworks for Intangible Assets (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In Part 1, I raised the problem of intangible assets in valuation and financial analysis. Value creation follows from growth, ROIC and RONIC, where the IC stands for Invested Capital. But how do you figure out the capital spent on intangible assets (also called Intangible Assets). And how to do you separate past from future […]

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