How China and AI Will Impact Arm Holdings (4 of 4) (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

Discover the pivotal role of China’s evolving tech landscape and the rapid strides in AI technology, unraveling the intricate dynamics that promise to reshape ARM Holdings’ trajectory. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategic implications arising from these influences and how they navigate ARM’s future prospects in an ever-evolving global tech landscape.

What Grab Can Learn from Amazon About Growth – and Not From Meta (Tech Strategy – Podcast 143)

In this episode of the Tech Strategy podcast, Jeff Towson discusses what Grab can learn from Amazon about growth and not from Meta. He explains how Amazon’s focus on customer experience and innovation has helped it grow into one of the world’s largest companies and how Grab can apply these lessons to its own business. Towson also talks about the potential benefits and risks of Grab’s growth strategy and how it could impact the future of ride-hailing and delivery services.

Core vs. Adjacency Growth in Digital Businesses (Tech Strategy – Podcast 104)

Most all sustainable growth is based on 1-2 strong cores. A profitable core is centered on the strongest position in terms of loyal customers, competitive advantage, unique skills, and ability to earn profits. To assess an adjacency move, consider the following factors: 1) how tightly the adjacency is tied to a strong core; 2) the attractiveness of the adjacency market; and 3) the ability to capture economic leadership in that market.