Massive Chinese Brainpower Is the Next Really Big Thing

*The following is an excerpt from the One Hour China Book, for which a 2017 version is available here.   “There is a great story about Steve Jobs freaking out about six weeks before the first iPhone was released. It was reported by The New York Times and has become part of the folklore of […]

How Tsingtao, CR Snow and the Other Beer SOEs Won Big in China (Pt 1 of 2)

The Chinese beer market looks similar to beer markets in the rest of the world – mostly regional markets mostly dominated by a few giant beer companies. But take a look at the below chart from 2013. You’ll note that China evolved with one big difference with the rest of the world: The dominating beer […]

How Tsingtao, CR Snow and the Other Beer SOEs Won Big in China (Pt 2 of 2)

In Part 1, I asked how Chinese State-owned beer companies won in a business with no real government interests. That’s an unusual outcome and I wanted to figure out how it happened. My explanation is that Chinese beer SOEs won mostly by being early to market and by being better at acquiring small, legacy State-owned […]


已下内容节选自我们的新书《一小时读懂中国》,目前2017新版有售。 “中国万科是一家房地产公司,西方国家无一家房地产公司可与其媲美。其收益超过美国四大房地产开发商收益之和。它所建的公寓数量,在历史上没有一家公司可与其相抗衡。万科的创始人——王石,是全球最大的房地产开发商。对数百万奋斗中的中国人而言,王石决定着他们人生中的重要时刻——购买自己的第一个家。

At Home And Abroad, Chinese Companies Can Beat You Fair And Square

*The following is an excerpt from our new One Hour China Contrarian Book (which is available here.). “Jonathan Woetzel (McKinsey & Co, Peking University) and I have written three speed-read China books together. In this latest one, we have put together a collection of our essays that basically make four main contrarian points. These are: […]


在中国,一时的失败不一定是永久的。 确实,打开市场困难重重,失败在所难免。对本土企业和外国企业而言都是如此。但是,中国之大,几乎总有翻身的机会。虽然竞争残酷,但是中国市场广阔,弥补了这一劣势。