The Awesome Story of David Stern and the NBA in China (Pt 1 of 3)

The following is an excerpt from our book, the One Hour China Consumer Book. It is our best explanation for how the NBA has been so hugely successful in China. “This story begins in 1978-9 with two events. First, Abe Pollin, owner of the then champion Washington Bullets, received an invitation from Deng Xiaoping to […]

China Needs Smarter Not Faster Growth

*The following is an excerpt from our new One Hour China Contrarian Book (which is available here.). “Jonathan Woetzel (McKinsey & Co, Peking University) and I have written three speed-read China books together. In this latest one, we have put together a collection of our essays that basically make four main contrarian points. These are: […]

My Favorite Map for Understanding Modern China

The “cluster” map shown above (and below) is originally by McKinsey & Co. I think it really illustrates three important points about modern China. Point 1: China today is a series of clusters, not a continent. China today is not yet an integrated continental economy. You don’t see infrastructure seamlessly connecting each part of the […]

2 Charts Show How Carlsberg Beer Failed – And Then Won Big in China

Carlsberg beer in China is one of those business stories that everyone should know. Take a look at the below picture. It is of Carlsberg China circa 2002. This was after +15 years of business in the PRC. They had some imports but were still a tiny China operation overall. And they were facing increasingly […]

3 Big Forces That Determine Success or Failure in Consumer China

*The following is an excerpt from the One Hour China Consumer Book, which is available here. “Robert Ravens is an Australian farmer and the creator of the “Bobbie Bear”. He lives on a remote Tasmanian farm and uses excess lavender from his fields to make bright purple teddy bears. The lavender is stuffed into the […]


已下内容节选自我们的新书《一小时读懂中国》,目前2017新版有售。 在第一部分,我们谈到了万科创始人王石早年的事迹。随着他20世纪80年代,在深圳所获得的一系列的成功,于1988年,他首次涉足房地产行业。正是这一步,改变了一切。

There Is No New Chinese “Sharing Economy”. Didi, Mobike, and Others Are Classic Disruptors (Pt 1 of 2).

There has been a lot of talk about China’s new “sharing economy”. Articles in the New York Times, Fortune, Bloomberg, and the South China Morning Post have all cited ride-sharing (Didi), bicycle rentals (ofo, Mobike), and the micro-rental services for batteries, basketballs, and umbrellas as part of a new China “sharing economy”. But this is […]


已下内容节选自我们的新书《一小时读懂中国》。 “我和华强森博士(Jonathan Woetzel)(麦肯锡,北京大学)一共写过3本有关中国的速读书籍。这是最新的一本,书中精心收录了我们的一系列文章,主要体现以下四个独到的观点: