Major League Baseball (MLB) Is Copying the NBA in China – And It Might Work.

These are boom times for sports in China. An increased national focus on health and fitness is coinciding with a big increase in entertainment consumption. And the State Council has set a goal of making the sports industry a 5 trillion yuan ($750 billion) sector by 2025. So stadiums and fields are being built, European […]

How Oriental DreamWorks and “Creative China” Are Disrupting Hollywood.

China is inching closer to becoming the world’s largest entertainment market and Hollywood studios are struggling to adapt. Cameos by Chinese film stars are being jammed, often nonsensically, into Western movies. Studio executives are flying in to meet with cash-rich Chinese moguls. And praise for China in Hollywood films has become commonplace. This is increasingly being described as self-censorship. […]


2015年5月22日,我在LinkedIn上发布了我的第一篇文章。我努力了一个多星期,然后终于成功“发布”。起初,一切都平淡无奇。 在接下来的几天里,我的文章获得了大约50-100次阅读。我的粉丝(即我的人脉)从500增加到了505人。总体来说,这是一个令人沮丧的开端。

The Awesome But Mostly Unknown Story of Carlsberg Beer in China (Pt 1 of 2)

*The following is an excerpt from our One Hour China Consumer Book (which is available here.). “This story starts in 1999 and it centers around a Hong Kong native and long-time Carlsberg employee named Sunny Wong. Sunny joined Carlsberg as a sales manager in Hong Kong in 1987. He rose through the ranks and eventually […]



How Yao Ming Launched the NBA China Into the Stratosphere (Pt 2 of 3)

This is Part 2 in a three part series on the awesome success of David Stern and the NBA in China. Part 1 is here. “You can make an analogy between Chinese watching basketball in the 1990’s and Americans watching The Ed Sullivan Show in the 1960’s. Americans weren’t watching because Ed Sullivan was particularly […]

在华投资失利了怎么办(第三篇): 摩根-士丹利和艾派迪

这是关于外资公司在华投资华丽失败的系列文章的第三篇。在很多情况下,他们会重返中国市场,并往往取得令人瞩目的成就。 第一篇文章中,我详细介绍了嘉士伯啤酒和达能最初是如何在中国市场失利的。但是之后,嘉士伯重返中国,并在中西部地区取得不俗业绩。第二篇文章中,我详细阐述了福特和菲亚特两家公司最初是如何在中国市场遭遇滑铁卢,但在过去几年里,福特在中国市场又取得了不错的销售业绩的。