3 Big Digital Trends Disrupting Retail and Ecommerce (Tech Strategy – Podcast 138)

Uncover the three significant digital shifts revolutionizing the retail and ecommerce sectors in this comprehensive podcast by Jeffrey Towson. This episode offers a deep dive into these transformative changes and what they mean for the industry’s future. If you’re passionate about retail and ecommerce, this insightful discussion is a must-read.

Why Digital Is Disrupting Business, Politics, Culture and Society (Tech Strategy – Podcast 11)

Jeff Towson unpacks the all-encompassing impact of digital on business, politics, culture, and society​1​. Drawing on his experience as a consultant and lecturer at Peking University, Towson discusses how digital tools are transforming industries, expanding human capabilities, and reshaping society​1​. Discover how software, data technology, and digital innovations are triggering an explosion of new products, services, and business models​1​.