GoTo Is Going for an “Ultimate B2C Marketplace” in Indonesia. But Alibaba Couldn’t Do It in China. (1 of 2)(Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

The recently merged Gojek and Tokopedia (i.e., GoTo) has gone public in Indonesia. And I finally got a look at their filings (thanks to a subscriber who sent me a translated copy). GoTo is basically what you would expect. It’s a marketplace platform for local services (i.e., Gojek) combined with a marketplace for products (i.e., […]

Will Southeast Asian Grab Become Meituan or Didi? (Tech Strategy – Podcast 121)

Southeast Asian tech giant Grab is facing a difficult choice: should it focus on profitability or growth? This article explores the pros and cons of each strategy and discusses the potential outcomes for Grab. Ultimately, the decision of whether to focus on profitability or growth will depend on a number of factors, including the company’s financial situation, its competitive landscape, and its long-term goals.

Why Uniswap’s Protocol Is a Threat to Coinbase’s Marketplace (Tech Strategy – Podcast 120)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses how Uniswap’s protocol is a threat to Coinbase’s PPH marketplace. He argues that Uniswap is more decentralized and efficient than Coinbase, and that it is likely to attract more users and liquidity. Ultimately, the success of Uniswap and Coinbase will depend on a number of factors, including the adoption of decentralized finance, the regulatory environment, and the competition from other exchanges.