Alibaba, Android and The Emerging Art of Ecosystem Management. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 57)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the emerging art of ecosystem management. He argues that ecosystems are more important than platforms in the digital economy, and that companies need to focus on orchestrating and managing their ecosystems in order to succeed. He compares Alibaba’s ecosystem to Android’s, and argues that both companies have been successful because they have created ecosystems that are open and collaborative.

Forget the “Alibaba Ecosystem”. It’s About Collaboration-Based Industries and Business Models. (Tech Strategy – Podcast 56)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson argues that the term “Alibaba ecosystem” is misleading, and that the company’s success is better explained by its focus on collaboration-based industries and business models. He discusses the importance of open and inclusive ecosystems, and provides examples of other companies that have been successful by following this approach. For example, Towson cites the success of Android, which has become the world’s most popular mobile operating system by creating an open and inclusive ecosystem that allows developers to create apps for a wide range of devices.

Services Marketplaces 3.0: A Platform for Therapists?

There is an interesting company in China called MyTherapist. It is a digital marketplace platform for services. But instead of connecting consumers with drivers and restaurants, it connects them with therapists and life coaches. That is a really interesting idea and highlights how marketplace platforms are really still in their infancy. Marketplace platforms began with […]

Will Farfetch or Secoo Win in Luxury Ecommerce in China? (Tech Strategy – Podcast 38)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses the competitive landscape between Farfetch and Secoo in the luxury e-commerce market in China. He argues that Farfetch has the global reach and brand recognition, while Secoo has the strong local presence and relationships with luxury brands. Towson believes that the winner of this race will depend on which company can execute its strategy better and adapt to the ever-changing Chinese market.

Huawei, Luckin and the SMILE Marathon (Tech Strategy – Podcast 34)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses how Huawei and Luckin Coffee are using digital technology to create a sustainable competitive advantage. He argues that these companies are winning the “SMILE Marathon” by competing on scale, scope, efficiency, and effectiveness. Towson provides examples of how Huawei and Luckin Coffee are using digital technology to improve their operations, and he discusses the implications for businesses of all sizes.