Two Frameworks for Predicting Tech Disruption (Tech Strategy – Podcast 126)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses two frameworks for predicting tech disruption. The first framework is based on the impact of technology on six levels: customer, industry, company, function, process, and technology. The second framework is based on the probability of management being able to pull off a disruptive strategy.

Alibaba, WeChat and How Nike Won as a “Platform Participant” in China (Tech Strategy – Podcast 118)

In this podcast, Jeffrey Towson discusses how Nike has successfully built a competitive advantage in China by participating in the large platform businesses of Alibaba and WeChat. He shares insights on how other businesses can do the same. Towson argues that businesses need to focus on providing a great customer experience and building strong relationships with platform partners. He also emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision-making.