The Secret Engine of Alibaba’s New Retail Is “Uni-Marketing” (Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

“New retail”, coined by Alibaba, was probably the least creative business term ever. But it was a big idea. You combine online and physical retail into a seamless, data-driven consumer experience. It is giving rise to new business models, from transformed supermarkets and cashier-less convenience stores to automated package pickup centers and re-imaged department stores. […]

SenseTime’s Metaverse Ambitions. Plus, Cool Case Studies (3 of 3)(Asia Tech Strategy – Daily Article)

In Part 1, I detailed some of the basics of SenseTime, China’s leading computer vision company. I argued it was basically a linear business model, not a platform. It mostly reminds me of Adobe and traditional software companies. But the economics of AI software companies at large scale are still largely unknown. Especially when it […]

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My Interview with Abel Deng, CEO of Huawei Thailand (1 of 2)

I visited the Huawei headquarters in Bangkok and interviewed Thailand CEO Abel Deng. It was a fascinating discussion and it really got me thinking about two questions: What is the next generation of digital infrastructure going to look like in SE Asia? What new digital businesses will this make possible? I’ve written a lot about […]