Will Farfetch or Secoo Win in Luxury Ecommerce in China? (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Podcast 38)

In this class, I talk about the difficulty of moving luxury into ecommerce. And how Chinese consumers will likely determine who finally cracks this problem. Secoo and Farfetch are two companies that are on this frontier right now.

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Question: Will Farfetch or Secoo win in luxury ecommerce in China? Three factors to consider:

  1. What do consumers care about most?
  2. What do large luxury brands care about most?
  3. What do small luxury brands and boutiques care about most?

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This is part of Learning Goals: Level 4-5, with a focus on:
  • #26: Advanced and Complicated New Retail

Concepts for this class:

  • Platform Business Models: Marketplaces for Products and Services
  • New Retail
  • Online Merge Offline (OMO)
  • SMILE Operational Marathon: Ecosystem Shaping and Management
  • China Digital Consumer Network (CDCN)

Companies for this class:

  • Farfetch
  • Secoo
  • JD


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