What Is the Secret of Zoom’s Success in Video Communications? (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Podcast 21)

In this class, I talk about why Zoom has been so successful in video communications.

You can listen here or at iTunes, Google Podcasts and Himalaya.

Choose two options for why Zoom has been so successful.

  1. Good Product. Reliable, easy-to-use, high quality video communications.
  2. Viral service
  3. Collaboration / Coordination Platform
  4. Network Effect
  5. Switching Costs

Correction/Clarification: Zoom has been blocked in China for the last couple of months. I know lots of people who are using it because of coronavirus but that is via VPN. So not the same thing. I’m not sure if I mentioned that or said it wrong in the podcast.

This is part of Learning Goals: Level 3, with a focus on:
  • #14 Virality vs. Word of Mouth
  • #15 Collaboration, Coordination, and Standardization Platforms

Concepts for this class:

  • Digital Platforms: Collaboration / Coordination / Standardization
  • Word of Mouth vs.Virality
  • Network Effects
  • Switching Costs

Companies for this class:

  • Zoom


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