Course Outline: Level 2


You have completed the First Steps and are moving upwards. Awesome. Keep going.

For Level 2, there are 5 learning goals. And the first thing to do is to listen to the below Level 2 Podcast.

Listen to the Level 2 Podcast


We are going into a lot more theory in this level. A lot of really big ideas.

But keep in mind, you always search the Categories (listed on the right and at the bottom of each article / podcast) for more content on any Company or Concept. For example, you can search Alibaba and lots of articles will come up. Or search Network Effects.


Do Learning Goal 1: The basics of digital economics


Do Learning Goal 2: The basics of digital platforms


Do Learning Goal 3: The basics of Alibaba’s marketplace platform


Do Learning Goal 4: The basics of VIPShop and JD – and more digital economics


Do Learning Goal 5: The basics of JD


You should try to complete these in about 2-3 months. And you probably want to do some of the Learning Goals twice. Speed is not important here. What is important is to build up your understanding. So repetition can be really helpful.

When you are ready, go on to level 3.

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