Will Luckin, Mobike, Didi or WeWork Ever Be Profitable? (Jeff’s Asia Tech Class – Podcast 6)


In this class, we discuss Didi, Luckin and Mobike and how to predict if they will be profitable.

Exercise for this class:

  • For Mobike, Luckin or Didi, think about the following two aspects.
    • Consumer view: What do they care about? What is their journey for buying and using?
    • Competitor: Could a well-funded, well-run competitor take 10-20% of their business? Five forces and competitive advantage are useful here.
    • Digital economics: Do any of the following really change their business? Or your answers to the above?
      • Zero marginal cost of production
      • Non-rival goods. Can be used by multiple customers simultaneously.
      • Durable vs. consumed as a product or service.
      • Low or zero distribution costs. Does it have global reach?
  • Now make a decision: Will this business be profitable? Will the unit economics be positive eventually? 
    • Write 3 paragraphs with your answer. Do it on your smartphone. Or a PC. Or a piece of paper (take a picture and save it).

Articles cited in this class:

Concepts for this class:

  • Money Wars
  • Blitzscaling vs. Fastscaling
  • Irrational Competition
  • Digital and Information Economics

Companies for this class:

  • Mobike
  • Didi
  • Luckin Coffee


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